Dehydration is your hair’s worst enemy!

Split ends, breakage, dullness and brittleness can be the result of unmoisturized hair. Just like the rest of your body, hair constantly needs water to stay healthy. It thrives off moisture and of course, hydrated hair is happy hair! Okay naturals, so let me ask you this “When your hair looks good, you feel good, right?” Well guess what? The key to good hair is moisture. Healthy hair is good hair. A lot of us naturals are not moisturizing our hair properly. You may be using products that are not water based or you may be waiting too long, to add moisture to your tresses. So how often should you moisturize? Honestly, it is up to your hair.

Remember everyone’s hair is different. You have to learn your hair to know how many times to moisturize it, without causing damage. For example, you can start by moisturizing your hair once a day. If it feels too soggy, try once every other day etc. If it feels too dry, maybe you need to moisturize it twice a day. Experimenting and using trial and error is a way, to learn what your hair needs, likes and doesn’t like. Moisturized hair should not feel wet and soggy. It should feel supple and strong. Here‘s a few do’s and don’ts to follow, when moisturizing your hair.



  • Use water or water based leave-ins. (I like to use water mixed with aloe vera juice, rose water or coconut milk)

  • Use steam. Moist heat aids in hydrating dry hair.

  • Moisturize and seal the ends of your hair to prevent split ends/breakage.

  • Wash your hair every 7-10 days, to remove buildup on hair and scalp.

  • Deep condition to help retrain moisture.

  • Try the LOC/LCO Method to help seal in moisture.

  • Use spritzes as a daily refresher. (Use water, rose water etc, mixed with a light oil like grapeseed)

  • Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy balanced diet.


  • Use oils to moisturize (they are sealants and can not moisturize hair)

  • Wait until your hair is super dry to moisturize.

  • Over moisturize (this will cause hair strands to become weak and snap off)

  • Go a long period of time between wash days.

  • Go overboard with protein treatments. Your hair needs to have a healthy balance of moisture and protein. Too much of either will cause damage and breakage.

Remember hydrated hair is happy hair! Hair that is not moisturized correctly, will become highly susceptible to breakage. Let’s learn how to love and care for our beautiful tresses naturals.

Are you guilty of any of the don’ts on this list? What on the don’ts list are you guilty of?

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