Nourishing Lip Oils

Nourishing Lip Oils

12 Curls Nourishing Lip Oils are a must have! These lip oils are made with luxurious hydrating oils like hemp, jojoba, rosehip and coconut oil. They are extremely beneficial and comforting to dry chapped lips. You can even layer them over or under other lip products. Just one swipe and you will have amazing shine that nourishes your lips. 12 Curls lip oils are definitely a must have! Why Do I Need Lip Oils? Lips are one of the most delicate parts of our body. They are prone to dryness because they lack oil glands. Because of this, they are in constant need of nourishment. Our lip oils can go much deeper into your skin, to heal your lips from within.Lips can become dry and cracked for a variety of reasons. Things like dry air and low humidity, dehydration from not drinking enough water, lack of nutrients through food and even certain fragrances and alcohols in other lip products, can cause chapped dry lips. Applying our soothing, natural lip oils counter these environmental effects. 12 Curls Nourishing Lip Oils are packed with natural, deeply moisturizing ingredients. They glide on the lips smoothly and easily, while leaving lips rejuvenated, shiny and soft. Your lips will thank you! *****Please write a note in check out, to specify if you would like rose petals or 24k edible gold flakes in your oil. If not I’ll just pick one for you.*****

Ingredients: Rose Infused Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Hemp Oil 
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    These Lip oils are all natural and organic. They are flavourless because synthetic flavours, may cause lips to dry out more. Please keep away from direct sunlight. These lip oils can be wore under or over other lip products. 

    Tube: 10mL